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My 101 Life Goals

"I think goals should never be easy; they should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable at the time." -Michael Phelps

Two people, in particular, inspired me to write my 101 life goals. The first was John Goddard, one of the world's most famous anthropologists, explorers, and adventurers, and the second is Lou Holtz, the legendary American football coach of Notre Dame.

Both wrote down and shared what they wanted to achieve in life. And their goals were not simple or easy to obtain! Goddard's included climbing the world's major mountains, exploring the longest rivers of the world, and running a mile in five minutes (see for more details). Holtz's included meeting the pope, coaching at Notre Dame, and shooting a hole in one in golf.

Incredibly, they both accomplished most of their lists. Goddard managed 110 out of 127, and so far, Holtz has 81 out of 101, including shooing a hole in one twice!

Writing down and sharing goals is straightforward. However, studies have shown the power of doing so. One study, conducted with 267 participants, showed those who just thought about their goals accomplished 43% of them. Those who wrote and shared their goals achieved 64%. The most successful were those who wrote and shared their goals and were accountable for their achievement. They completed 76%.

Something magical happens when we set a goal. It creates a conflict (structural tension) in our subconscious mind between our goal and what we currently are experiencing. When we intensify this conflict over time (through visualisation and affirmations), we program our subconscious minds to notice anything that will help us achieve the goal we have set. Our subconscious mind will also create solutions that will allow us to accomplish our goal and intensify our motivation to work towards them.

So, here's my 101 life goals. This list is not static; I may add, delete or modify it as my life evolves. Maybe I can inspire you to write your list, just like Goddard and Holtz did for me.

1. Climb to the summit of Everest.

2. Visit Japan. (Achieved, October 2019)

3. Own a black Lamborghini Huracan (because I love that car!)

4. Start my charitable organisation that supports low-income families and disadvantaged children.

5. Climb to the summit of Aconcagua.

6. Cycle from the West Coast to the East Coast of USA (Trans Am Bike Race)

7. Have two children.

8. Be interviewed on national TV.

9. Be interviewed by a national newspaper. (Achieved, November 2019)

10. Be interviewed on national radio.

11. Complete a 10-day vipassana meditation course (Achieved, January-February 2019)

12. Have a net worth of USD 10 million before 60 years old.

13. Write my personal development book before 50 years old.

14. Start my own business. (Achieved, January 2018)

15. Be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of my own company with at least ten employees.

15. Deliver keynotes about environmental sustainability to businesses, organisations and schools around the world.

16. Be able to speak conversational French.

17. Own a 5000 square foot home near the East Coast of Australia.

18. Own a 2000 square foot villa in the hills of a coastal town in Southern Spain.

19. Adopt two cats.

20. Have swimming pools at both of my homes.

21. Deliver motivational speeches to businesses, organisations and schools around the world.

22. Become a certified professional coach. (Achieved, October 2017)

23. Become a certified trainer/facilitator of success principles. (Achieved, October 2017)

24. Visit the North Pole.

25. Visit the South Pole.

26. Read 1000 personal development and inspirational autobiography books.

27. Deliver a live webinar. (Achieved, May 2018).

28. Camp in New Zealand.

29. Complete an Ironman triathlon.

30. Meet a president of a country.

31. Speak to 1000 or more people at one time.

32. Cycle in the Alps.

33. Witness first-hand the Tour de France.

34. Watch Real Madrid play in their stadium.

35. Watch Manchester United play in their stadium.

36. Watch the Olympics live in a host stadium.

37. Watch the football World Cup game in one of the host stadiums.

38. Watch an England test cricket match in their stadium.

39. Complete the 4Deserts Atacama race.

40. Test drive a Ferrari.

41. Own a Tesla.

42. Give a private school education to both of my children.

43. Deliver a workshop to 100 or more students at a school.

44. Be vegetarian. (Achieved, April 2017 and still ongoing)

45. Create and deliver a recorded webinar. (Achieved, May 2018)

46. Write a blog. (Achieved, October 2017)

47. Produce a vlog. (Achieved, January 2018)

48. Employ full-time staff to work for me at my company.

49. Get into the Guinness Book of Records.

50. Camp in the Australian outback.

51. Meet Sir Richard Branson in person.

52. Tithe 10% of my gross annual income to my charitable organisation.

53. Be interviewed by a national magazine.

54. Swim with dolphins.

55. Complete Ultra Trail Monte Rosa (UTMR).

56. Revisit the summit cable car station at Mont Blanc.

57. Experience whitewater river rafting again.

58. Revisit the Grand Canyon.

59. Walk on a glacier.

60. Visit an active volcano.

61. Be teetotal. (Achieved and still ongoing, April 2016)

62. Visit a children's hospital.

63. Volunteer for an NGO.

64. Go on a safari.

65. Visit Disneyland, Florida, with my family.

66. Learn how to shuffle cards properly.

67. Learn a magic trick.

68. Own a Bentley.

69. Ride in a Rolls Royce.

70. Fly business class.

71. Fly first class.

72. Visit South Africa.

73. Visit Peru.

74. Snowboard in the USA.

75. Snowboard in Canada.

76. Visit India.

77. Start an international company that serves global clients.

78. Become a recognised, trusted global brand.

79. Complete Marathon Des Sables.

80. Cycle around the whole of Taiwan again.

81. Snowboard in Japan.

82. Visit Hawaii.

83. Visit Yosemite National Park.

84. Visit The Matterhorn, Switzerland.

85. Deliver a TEDx talk.

86. Visit New York, USA. (Achieved, November 2017)

87. Revisit Sedona, USA. (Achieved, October 2018)

88. Fly in a private jet.

89. Meet a world leader.

90. Camp in the UK with my family.

91. Camp in France with my family.

92. Own a home with a view of the ocean.

93. Own a home with a view of the mountains.

94. Visit Arches National Park, Utah

95. Visit Vatican City.

96. Visit Uluru, Australia.

97. Visit Tasmania, Australia.

98. Revisit Fraser Island, Australia.

99. Run a road marathon under 3 hours.

100. Learn how to double under with a jump rope.

101. Maintain a BMI under 25 (Achieved & Ongoing)

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